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OBK Staff Achievement Awards

Congratulations OBK staff for your hard work!

Our school was represented at the Recognition of Achievement Awards & Retirement Dinner organized by Palliser Regional Schools.

Our website has many pictures to highlight the accomplishments of our staff this year. 

Mrs. Raiha Ali, Principal, 2016-2017 ATA Distinguished Leadership Award

Ms. Jordyn Garinger, nominated and selected as Palliser's representative for the "ASBA Edwin Parr teacher Award for 2016-2017"

Mr. Mohamad Bush, nominated for the "ASBA Edwin Parr Teacher Award for 2016-2017"

Mrs. Anisa Khan, nominated for the "Prime Minister Award for Teaching Excellence"

Islamic Teacher Appreciation Awards from Noor Kids for the following teachers: Mrs. Rasha Osman, Mrs. Ghada Aziz, Mrs. Noha Oraby, Mrs. Tulip Raslan, Mr. Yasin Mohamad, Ms. Ouassila Boucharif. 




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