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Day 3 Taste of Love - Tahfeeth Iftar Give Away

With the help of Allah SWT first, then our amazing School Council and the volunteers, tahfeeth girls were able to serve 12 unfortunate families in our community this week (instead of 5 last week). First, we would like to give a huge thank you to our parents who made the yummiest Biryani ever, and another one to the delivery ladies who did a great job in delivering a warm meal right before the Iftar time. Jazakum Allahu khir all.

Besides the biryani, the girls made caesar salad, mushroom soup and qatayef as desert.  Jars of tea, dates, jalabi and non perishable food were also distributed to the families. 

May Allah SWT accept everyone's deeds and reward you all immensely in this holy month in shaa Allah .


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